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Brand Strategy

When we first approached Cereal Killa to collaborate with them they already had an increasingly strong social media audience of 28k + followers, our goal was to create something with them to help show off the brand and promote them further, with the future of all social media advertising being videos we decided to do a professional video advert for them to post and use however they felt necessary.


Cereal Killa wanted a video to show off the amazing food, venue, and vibe of the store, we captured this in a variety of ways using different special effects and editing the video to the time of the music. This helped create a final mouthwatering piece of video work that showed the food off so well you could almost smell it through the screen.

Social Media

Because Cereal Killa are masters of social media, once we finished the video we left in their hands to post and deliver to their audiences however the pleased. We helped guide them during the development in terms of choices of music, avoiding copyrighted music to not get taken down and delivering the video in appropriate formats for Facebook and Instagram.

Creating content to push your brand

With our creative skillsets we are able to design, film & edit stunning videos that help push your brand through your website, social media or even in an advertising campaign.

Esther Burgering

Cereal Killa

"Amazing!!! Josef and his team did an outstanding job. They delivered above and beyond the brief that was given to them. We will be using them for future endeavors."