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New Design/Cohesive Branding

We worked with Bedford Soda to design a website that utilized their current branding and expanded on it, they wanted two versions of the site, "Day and Night" we made this happen using two different color schemes, a lightly blue theme for the day time and a darkish brown for night time. This helped differentiate the times and was essential because as a bar, most of the action would be happening at night time.

Content Management System (CMS)

Bedford Soda Wanted a customisable website to be developed so they could modify certain aspects of the site, giving them the option to add and remove staff member profiles, edit their gallery and promote upcoming events. Keeping the content on the website updating also helps Bedford Soda's website not be static and has information constantly updating for people to view. We used Wordpress to develop a user friendly CMS, for the owners of Bedford Soda & Liquor, as they have used Wordpress previously.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

As Bedford is a very popular bar situated in the center of ponsonby it was essential that the website operated well on all browsers, working for all the potential audience trying to find information on Bedford Soda & Liquor, ensuring Bedford reaches as much of its online audience as physically possible and on all devices.

We develop our websites with all devices in mind.

Using responsive design we make sure using correct styling that our websites work on all devices so that you dont miss out on any possible audiences you are trying to reach.
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Matt Nicholls

Bedford Soda & Liqour

"I commissioned OmniSpex to upgrade my website and they have done a great job that I am very pleased with. As Marketing Director of a hospitality business I have built over 15 websites and found OmniSpex to be the best web building company I have dealt with. They built the site to the brief I provided and were innovative on the enhancements that they recommended. The wordpress template they built functions well and they took the time to ensure I was happy with the finished product. I will be using them in the future for other web builds and would happily recommend them to other clients."